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Taking Laser Projection to a whole new level

The 12,000 lm PT-RZ12K 3-Chip DLP™ Series projectors combine class-leading imaging with the practical 
advantages of Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser technology: minimal picture quality degradation over long periods in continuous use, 20,000-hour maintenance-free operation*, flexible installation, failsafe reliability, 
and a wealth of powerful features for creative visual presentations in large spaces.

* At this time the brightness will have decreased to approximately half of its original level (Dynamic Contrast Mode: 3, Image Mode: Dynamic). 
Usage environment affects light source lifespan. Panasonic recommends cleaning or replacing at point of purchase after approximately 20,000 hours. Light source lifetime may be reduced depending on environmental conditions. Replacement of parts other than the light source may be required in a shorter period.

Specyfikacja techniczna:
Rozdzielczość :   1920 x 1200 WUXGA
Jasność :   12000
Technologia :   3DLP
Kontrast :   20000:1
Wejścia / Wyjścia :   HDMI, Ilość portów Ethernet, Ilość wejść VGA, RS232